Jennifer Sager, Ph.D.
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Consultation and Workshops

Since 1998, Dr. Sager has been providing educational and consultation services on various topics related to multicultural diversity, sexuality, and gender identity. She is co-creator of the concept of Multicultural Responsibility, which involves active responsibility of diversity issues rather than a passive acceptance, tolerance or awareness. She has worked with various agencies, including the University of Florida's Division of Student Affairs, Police Department, National Pan-Hellenic Council and Division of Housing. She has also provided Specialized Trainings at State and National Conferences and workshop presentations on a variety of topics.

Specialized Trainings and Workshops

Dr. Sager utilizes an interactive facilitation style to engage individuals in common topics such as Reducing on the Job Stress to complicated issues such as Gender Identity Transition in the Workplace. Dr. Sager is happy to provide training on workshops she has previously presented or create a new, vibrant workshop based on your requirements. Most presentations last 1-2 hours, or Dr. Sager can design a half-day or full-day retreat utilizing her expertise and other specialists. Trainings and workshops often involve 20-300 people, as to allow for an interactive learning style. If you would like a workshop for groups larger than 300, then a lecture or keynote presentation may be more appropriate. Fees for service are negotiable.

Keynote Presentations and Lectures

Utilizing a dynamic presentation style, Dr. Sager is sure to energize any audience! Dr. Sager is comfortable speaking to group of 6,000 people, but continues to utilize her interactive skills to make the group "feel smaller." Dr. Sager volunteers her time for a certain number of presentations each year, so be sure to contact her!

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