Jennifer Sager, Ph.D.
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Dr. Sager utilizes a specific program for Executive Coaching. During initial sessions, she will assess your current functioning and pinpoint specific areas to target during coaching sessions. Together, you and Dr. Sager will create a specialized plan to assist in meeting your goals. The intervention stage (coaching sessions) may include weekly sessions, midweek check-in sessions, phone calls, or emails - to keep you on track with your goals. Following the intervention stage, you will meet briefly with Dr. Sager to evaluate your success and come up with a maintenance plan to keep you on track. The maintenance plan may involve "drop in-as needed" coaching sessions, monthly sessions, or monthly emails. Using the Assessment, Plan, Intervention, Evaluation, and Maintenance Model allows for you to be responsible for the planning, intervention and maintenance of your personal change - which is the cornerstone of permanent change.

In general, Coaching focuses on current functioning and solution focused interventions, rather than exploring past dynamics or providing therapy. However, the advantage of seeing a Licensed Psychologist for Executive Coaching (rather than an individual who specializes in Industrial/Organizational Psychology) is that Dr. Sager can quickly assess and take into account personal issues that might hinder your progress.

Dr. Sager also utilizes her executive coaching model for academic coaching. All too often individuals have difficulty completing the final hurdle of their education, whether it is a thesis, dissertation, or a licensure examination. Without a supportive mentor, students can become frustrated, isolated, withdrawn and unmotivated. Academic coaching can often "fill the gap" of a mentor by providing structure, motivation, accountability, and analysis of current studying/writing problems.

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